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Celebrity Ambassador Macy Gray Joins the Kimberly Moore Foundation's - Adopt A Letter Program to Hel

Singer Macy Gray joins Baroness Kimberly Moore in making one very special dream come true for 35 year old Juan who is paralyzed from the neck down after finding out he has not been in a vehicle in almost 9 years to visit family and friends. It was just after Christmas when Kimberly Moore accepted a letter which was unlike no other. It was a letter written by one of Juan's old high school buddies about Juan's tragic story 15 years ago when Juan took off on his life's dream to travel the world. He had a strong passion for life and could not wait to embark on his new journey. Being that his ancestors were from Mexico, he decided to make this his first stop, not knowing that this trip will change his life forever. Juan, was eager to explore the country in his car, when suddenly while driving up a cliff, his car spun out of control and slipped off the side of the cliff.

Immediately after, Juan's car was spotted and he was airlifted to the nearest hospital. It was then, when Juan had opened his eyes, saw the clouds and thought he had died and was on his way to heaven, but instead he says he woke up in hell. Juan was not prepared for the news when the doctors told him he will be paralyzed from the neck down and never be able to walk again.

Since then it has been a real struggle and battle, not only for Juan, but for his entire family. Juan was in need of 24 hours assistance every day, parents would take turns and in between they would hire a care taker. Financially it became very hard to cope and Juan went into a very dark depression wanting to take away the burden from his parents. It was a 2 hour ordeal just to get him transported from the bed, to a wheel chair to a vehicle whenever they needed to take him some where. It became too tiring and too difficult which resulted in almost 9 years since he left his home and ridden in an actual vehicle to see life, visit family or friends which contributed to a huge part of his depression. One can only imagine what it's like to be trapped in your own body, but also being trapped in your own home for a person who had a passion for life and wanted to travel the world... this solution can easily be changed. Juan was in need of a vehicle. not just any vehicle, but his dream was to have his own car one day with handicap access.

On December 29th, Adopt A Letter made his wish come true and Fox News was there to get it all on camera

Juan's letter was adopted by John Raygoza who immediately went out and purchased a white van with special handicap access, which will allow him to drive up a ramp with his electrical wheel chair right into the passengers seat of the van. Juan was also a huge fan of Macy Gray so we decided to make both dreams happen at once. Once we knew the van was ready to be delivered, we coordinated with his family and friends. In the mean time, Kimberly put a call out to Macy who was also eager to join our Adopt A Letter program and volunteer with her teenage children. It was an emotional day of laughter and tears, as no one knew how Juan was going to react when Adopt A Letter and Macy show up at his door present his big surprise.

Juan was a bit shock, excited yet confused when he opened the door, especially when he saw Macy. We then presented his dream... his first vehicle! As the doors of the van slid open, Juan was able to drive right up the ramp and lock himself into the passenger side. Juan, very emotional, expressed his deepest gratitude and said this was something he has been wishing for a very long time.


Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4.28.52 PM.png

Since he was already seated in the vehicle, Kimberly and Macy proposed to take him out on the town as our sponsor John Raygozaalso set up reservations at his favorite Mexican restaurant. There everyone had dinner, listen to music and dedicated a special song for Juan that evening. Juan says, he will never ever forget this day for the rest of his life. He was extremely happy and went home with the biggest smile on his face and so did everyone involved. Kimberly say's she will remember this day for the rest of her life.


Kimberly and Macy plan to go back and visit Juan again as they are working on a special plan for Juan. So make sure you follow us for the next surprise!!

Special thanks to our sponsor John Raygoza for making his dream come true. We need more people like John in the world who just simply care. He has adopted many letters from us over the years helping us make dreams come true for over 100 at risk teens and children living in some of the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles.... he doesn't just donate, but physically comes with us door to door for hours a day to witness the joy of giving.


Also we would like to thank Macy Gray for joining our Adopt A Letter team as a Celebrity Ambassador and thank her wonderful children who were there to support and witness such an incredible experience. Macy will also be joining us on our Adopt A Letter field trips mentoring at risk teens.

The Kimberly Moore Foundation will also put together a documentary of some of the families visited this year to be featured on Pynk TV, by Pynk Celebrity. Many thanks to Pynk Celebrity founder, Yvonne Elmasri who joined us the entire holiday season packing boxes and going on deliveries.

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