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We at the Kimberly Moore Foundation are proud of our "Hope Ambassadors" Denise and Laura who are paying it forward just after the Adopt A Letter program and FOX news showed up at their doorstep to make their dream come true! View their video of when we first met them on Fox News here at:

For the past two years the two sisters have been volunteering with our Adopt A Letter program to help make a difference in the lives of other children in need!


The Kimberly Moore Foundation would also like to congratulate two other amazing siblings who have joined our Hope Ambassador program, Dominic and Grissel Luna. Moore says, "It's been an amazing experience mentoring these children through out the years and watching them turn into young adults and positive role models.

Below meet our 1st and longest standing "Hope Ambassador" Grissel Luna!


Grissel graduated from High School and is the first in her family to go to college. We first met Grissel 6 years ago when we answered her letter through our Adopt A Letter program and made her dream come true for her, her siblings and her entire family. Grissel's dream was to learn and play music and we showed up with her favorite guitar along with gifts for her entire family. Grissel soon after joined our "Pay it Forward" program and over the past 6 years Grissel has remained a loyal Hope Ambassador and Adopt A Letter representative in her area. Grissel is very active in the community and has won countless awards in behalf of the Kimberly Moore Foundation programs. She has also been recognized by the Mayor and Chief of Police of Bell Gardens.

Grissel Luna was Kimberly Moore's key inspiration in creating the successful campaign "Keeping Harmony Alive" which resulted in saving music programs in Bell Garden's High School for 15-20 years. Grissel has participated as a Key Note speaker at Echelon Club events and is a huge advocate for the Kimberly Moore Foundation programs. Over the years, Grissel has empowered and inspired her teenage brother Dominic to follow in her footsteps. Grissel is now in her 3rd year of college studying music engineering!

NEXT: Meet "Hope Ambassador" Dominic Luna. After a surprise visit to Dominic's home when he was a little boy, Dominic has either volunteered or played a part in our community service program over the last 6 years influenced by his sister Grissel Luna. It was a little over 2 years ago when Dominic went through some real struggles and challenges in school which led his grades to fall drastically. It was during that time, when Dominic witnessed his sisters true commitment to her studies, dedication and determination for success is when he decided walk in her footsteps and go a different direction in order to figure out his life purpose. It was 2 years ago when Dominic made a firm decision join our "Pay it Forward" program and fully dedicate his time to giving back to those in need. Within 9 months, Dominic's grades jumped up 2 grade levels higher and Dominic has been given a new feeling of significance. We at the Kimberly Moore Foundation are very proud to say, Dominic is now 18 years old and graduating from High School early next month with a 4.0 GPA and has plans to go to college.

Screen shot 2014-12-21 at 12.56.00 AM.png

Moore says, " I love these kids to death. They hold a very special place in my heart and I am so happy to have them as part of my extended family. I don't treat them any different as I would a brother or a sister. They all know that if there is anything they need I will always be there for them in a heart beat. They have impacted me just as much and will forever be a huge part of my life."

The Kimberly Moore Foundation would like to congratulate our Hope Ambassadors for taking a stand and becoming an agent of positive change in their own community which resulted in delivering hope to over 5,000 children.

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