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Kimberly Moore Foundation Hope Ambassadors

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Dominic and Grissel Luna: Moore met them in 2007 when she first started the Adopt A Letter program. They wrote to the U.S. Post Office after witnessing Kimberly Moore on television making dreams come true and Moore coincidentally picked up their letter in the pile just after Christmas. There were thousands of letters mailed to Santa each day and this letter was directly made to Kimberly. What were the chances of that?

Grissel and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin at kimberly moore foundation

Grissel Luna had volunteered with Moore for years since 2007, she was a musician and was the one who inspired Moore to develop the “Keeping Harmony Alive” campaign in Bell Gardens which saves music in school from getting eliminated. Because of Grissel Luna Moore was able to host an event and instrument drive and was able to save the programs for the next 15-20 years. Both Grissel and Dominic have completed over 50 hours each of volunteer work in the community each year.

astronaut buzz aldrin kimberly moore foundation echelon

Mario Granville: He is an incredible musician from Bell Gardens who loved to perform and play the piano. Mario was extremely talented and Moore got his wish adopted and surprised him with a piano at his home. Since then Mario as performed at Moore’s private members organization Echelon, and was recognized by many high level professionals in the entertainment industry. Mario continues to perform at The Echelon Club and has joined the program to help inspire other kids with his music.

Maurice Turner: Like many teenagers he was at a crossroad in his career, loved to read books and write stories. Moore got someone to adopt his wish by getting him a MAC computer.

Moore involved him in one of her non-violence campaigns and commercials and got him to participate at one of her Echelon events to speak. Maurice volunteered preparing gifts for the Adopt A letter Winter Wonderland event this Christmas and will continue to volunteer throughout the year!

Denise and Laura Lopez: These 2 lovely girls are sisters and many of you may remember them from FOX News a couple years ago when Moore surprised them at their home. Denise was suffering with Kidney failure and wanted to feel like other kids. Her sister was a straight A student in high school and expressed a need in politics. Moore fell in love with this family and has been by their sides ever since. Denise and Laura have completed over 100 hours each of volunteer work in the community this Christmas and both sisters have participated as speakers at the Echelon Club’s “Journey from Success to Significance” event with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Denise Lopez was also featured in a 2 page spread in Hydrogen Magazine with Kimberly Moore.

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