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The Kimberly Moore Foundation's adopt's the wishes of of 4 deserving children who were abandoned at home by their parents who left one day to work and never returned. The children (age 1, 4, 6 and 8) were left at home on and off for nearly 4 months and had to learn to survive on their own as they waited for their parents return. The children begged in the streets for food, asked neighbors and a local store owner who supplied them with snacks. The children were left without electricity and water. The eldest sister Alanna brought in a garbage can from the street, filled it with water, and this is what they used to drink and bathed. The children mentioned the house was robbed many times by their neighbors and left them with nothing, took furniture and appliances and never bothered to call the authorities. The children were found at home by themselves after someone heard the baby crying outloud and entered the apartment. It was then, when the children were found living next to piles of garbage in their own home.


Soon after they were placed in a new home with a very loving mother who doesn't have much but tells "Adopt A Letter" she certainly has a lot of love to give. This woman is a true earth angel and hero! She just so happens to be one of our Adopt A Letter mom's and we know first hand the children couldn't be in a better home with a new family who has so love and support.

We at the Kimberly Moore Foundation decided to adopt their letter and make their little dreams come true! Many thanks to all who contributed to this heartbreaking story for providing hope and smiles to these little children. It was a beautiful and emotional day for all of us. The children received almost 2 years of clothing and shoes each, pampers, gift certificates, tickets to Disney Land, loads of toys and much more. These children will remember this day for the rest of their lives and so will we!

2 at 7.10.26

Special thanks to: Rick Vanderkleijn, Mike Muna, Barbara DeVorzon, V.I.P. Nannies, Rebecca Ward Stewart, Tomoyuki Iwanami, Cherisse B. Morgan of Baby Buddah's Closet, Adam Sheiner, Janet Hermosillo Meyer, Marlyn Hermosillo, Elyssa Nicole, Megan Robinson, John Raygoza, Fernanda Verela, Laura Sibilia, Nigel Williams, Victoria Le, Thierry Ete and Sonia Ete of the Academy of Couture Arts, Saxby Darby, Saul and Monique, Erin and Dennis Beasley, Glenda Dopazo, Jessy Apple and all our supporters and volunteers who helped bringing overwhelming amounts of joy to these children. You are our heroes!!

The photos are placed in order from the time we packed our gifts to the time we delivered at their home. Neither the parents of children had any idea we were coming!

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