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Tis the Season to Pay It Forward!


Baroness Kimberly Moore has created a new program under the Kimberly Moore Foundation that allows recipients of the Adopt A Letter program to volunteer and “Pay it Forward” and join her team of “Hope Ambassadors” . This year Moore has appointed 7 new “Hope Ambassadors” and those chosen are required to do at least 50 hours of community service along her side delivering hope and fulfilling the wishes of children in need.


Over the years a handful of Adopt A Letter kids selected and mentored by Moore have assisted in fulfilling the wishes of nearly 5,000 children. Moore says, “The children have always been so eager to work with me and the parents always urged me to take them along. I am not exactly sure if they know the adoption process of these letters, but I think the children still think I work for Santa Claus. When they become teenagers, they never say a word about it (I know they know) but they are never disappointed because they get to witness the simple joy of giving.

The experience makes them feel significant to be able to impact someone’s else’s life because it happened to them. Most of the kids are in love with our program as they want to volunteer with me everyday on deliveries during their 2 or 3 week Christmas break instead of staying home and hanging with their friends. I was quite surprised!”



Moore explains how the children have become more appreciative of what they have unlike before, she says, “Most of these children live in impoverished areas and when we visit other families worst off than theirs, children always look at me and say they feel grateful to have what they have.” For the last 6 years Moore has mentored 14 other children, mostly teenagers and has witnessed miracles. She noticed how their grades in school improved and how the kids seemed more excited about their future. They seemed eager to graduate and attend college and some of the kids who’ve been with us a while were the first in their families to go to college!!


Moore also noticed the kids have better relations with their families, began to feel a great sense of belonging after volunteering with our program and she also noticed a huge improvement on their self esteem and confidence levels. Moore says, “I was surprised after 9 months of mentoring 16 year old Dominic, I was invited to a parents and teachers conference and they were astounded on how his grades jumped up 2 levels higher. I was really proud of him and I thought to myself, “I really need to grow these programs and get our Echelon members to participate as positive role models for these kids”, so I officially started appointing these kids as “Hope Ambassadors” of our program which made them feel even more significant.”

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