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Kimberly Moore Foundation gets ready to launch it's - Adopt-A-Country program!

The Kimberly Moore Foundation is very excited to announce it's Adopt A Country program founded by Kimberly Moore. Every year with your help, we will adopt the letter request of a country in urgent need!This year we will partner with various non profit organizations in El Salvador to help bring hope and empower children in desperate need.

The Kimberly Moore Foundation is proud to introduce Lory Oppenheimer, El Salvador's Country Director who recently joined our advisory board to help us oversee the Kimberly Moore Foundation's projects in Central America.

Lory currently resides in El Salvador and for the past 8 years she has been working with various non-profit organizations and has dedicated her time volunteering at an orphanage after finding a handful of newborns tossed in the trash and left to die. Since 2009, she has been caring for 89 children and providing assistance for those in living in extreme poverty, in desperate need of clean water, food, medical help, clothes, education and much more. We recently received a letter request asking for help as the situation is getting worse by the day. More and more children are being abandoned by their parents, left on the streets and force to join gangs for comfort and support. Most of the barrios have no running water due to recent earthquake destructions of the waterways, and children have no choice but to fend for themselves to survive.

Lory Oppenheimer will be working closely with the Kimberly Moore Foundation to help organize a management team within our chosen non-profit in El Salvador "Operacion Bendicion" which already has a great infrastructure in place. They will provide us with a full transparency report for each of the programs helped and the delivery of the proper tools, equipment needed to help bring aid to the children of El Salvador.

Lory is known in El Salvador for her incredible humanitarian leadership and for her immense compassion, strong dedication and commitment in helping those in desperate need. Lory was also a recent candidate for congress in El Salvador in 2014 and is currently working for congress as an advisor.

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