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Celebrity Hope Ambassador Joyce Giraud Joins the KImberly Moore Foundation's "Adopt A Letter" Door t

Former Ms. Universe, Actress Joyce Giraud (Siberia, NBC and RHOBH, Bravo) joins Adopt A Letter in making dreams come true for little girls living in some of the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles. Most of these little girls were unable to have a Christmas this year due to financial struggles at home. In fact, some of the girls have never celebrated Christmas. We decided to show up at their door with clothes, dolls, toys, educational games and school supplies. None of the parents were expecting us.

Joined by Joyce was Ivette Saucedo winner of Queen of the Universe who also volunteered to crown the little girls whose homes we visited. All the little girls were so excited! It was a magical day for these little girls, I am sure they will never forget and neither will the parents. One father was in tears after visiting 5 year old. Kimberly Rivera. She lived in 12ft x12ft room with her mother, father and grandmother. The father had a tough time saying goodbye and said after living in this country for 25 years, no one has ever knocked on his door and offered him a piece of candy. He took photos of all the volunteers and said he wanted to remember this day forever. Thank you to all who donated in bringing hope to these wonderful and humbled families and bringing a smile to these beautiful children.

Joyce is the current founder of Queen of the Universe, an international beauty pageant created in 2012.The pageant provides the opportunity for women from all around the world—single, married, divorced, and with or without children—to represent their countries in the search for the "Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe."

n addition to its stated goal to "unite the intelligence and beauty of women around the world in search of the perfect Ambassador of Love, Hope and Peace," the pageant's mission also includes charitable alliances to benefit "education for children in need, and children in third world countries. This years winner will be given the opportunity to become a Hope Ambassador of the Adopt A Letter program and will accompany Baroness Kimberly Moore for one year in organizing gift boxes, preparing letters and travel door to door making dreams come true for those less fortunate.



All photos were taken by celebrity photographer Isaac Mathew White.

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