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Many thanks to actor Adrian Paul of Peace Fund Radio and Ethan Dettenmaier of Combat Radio for their immense support reading our letters on the air each week and sponsoring several families in need making dreams come true! Actor Rodney Van Johnson joins us with Pynk Celebrity to witness the true joy of giving back to the children in the community. Each of the families received cash for groceries and a surprise shopping spree, including toys, clothes, gifts and Disney Tickets. All items were donated by the Peace Fund along with Combat Radio. Check out some of the photos and letters below.


Emily is 17 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy. She is on medication twice a day and suffers with seizures regularly, so much that her mother is afraid to work because she doesn't want to leave her alone. Emily has an older brother who recently graduated from H.S. and she felt sad because her parents were unable to afford graduation photos for his yearbook. Her 15 year old sister was in need of clothes and shoes because they were full of holes. Her little sisters dream was to one day go to Disney Land and she wished her parents would get a break and not struggle so hard for food and bills.

We surprised them at their home with gifts, a shopping spree, Disney Land tickets and a voucher for food for the entire family and $200 in groceries.


Jackie's dream is one day be able to provide a better life for her 3 daughters. Often when they need clothes they usually look for garage sales around the area in hopes to find something that fits in their size. Her apartment is small and there is no room for her daughters to play. Each year she has promised her daughters to take them to Disney Land, but for the 3rd time she has broken her promise.


We surprised them at their home with 2 boxes of clothes, toys and games, Disney Land tickets and a voucher for food and gifts at Disney Land. It was a dream come true!



Jose is 14 years old. His dream is to one day give back and help other families in need. He lives in a 10ft x 12ft room with his mother and father. Tough for them to manage, cook, eat, sleep in such a tiny room that was rented to them in the back of someone's home. He is a straight A student, loves math and has a huge passion for giving back.

We showed up at his home with clothes, jackets. school supplies and grocery money for his mom. Since he expressed in giving back, we asked his parents to take him with us for the rest of our deliveries. We made him a Hope Ambassador and had him join us in giving back to families this past Christmas for the remainder of the holidays. If you look at most of our photos this past Christmas, you will see him in many of the surprise deliveries. He is very humble and a complete joy to be around. Nice to have him join our team! We love this kid!



Paola is 9 years old. In her letter she spoke mainly of her dad and the hardships they endured over the years. Her father suffers with kidney problems his entire life. Both parents are diabetic and the father is currently undergoing dialyses. He has been ill since the day she was born and her biggest dream was to one day was to see her father smile because he suffers so much. She did mention her wish to one day go Disney Land. She also mentioned wanting to be like other kids and one day have something new. She and her older brother barely had any clothes for school.

We surprised them at their home with 2 boxes of gifts, toys, Disney Land tickets, voucher for food and gifts, $100 for groceries and we also had a car waiting outside to take them on a SHOPPING SPREE to buy clothes.


We plan to follow up on Paola this Spring to see how their trip to Disneyland went. The parents mentioned they will try and take her for her birthday coming up soon! Beautiful family!



Valerie found our program on Facebook and decided to write to us. Her family is currently in a very bad situation, there is no more money left for food and clothes. Valerie felt since she was the oldest, she will take responsibility and write to us for her little brother and sister to help make their dream come true. She didn't ask for anything for herself.

When we showed up at their home. she recognized us immediately and bursted into tears thinking we would never show up. We surprised them with plenty of gifts, toys and a shopping spree for the entire family. We had a car waiting out in front of their home. The girls bursted into tears again and said it was the first time in their life they have ever gone shopping. The mom was also in tears and very appreciative. It was hard for all of us to say goodbye without choking up.


We plan to follow up with the girls in a couple months... we personally think that Valerie will make a great Hope Ambassador for the foundation. She seemed eager to work with us.



Anna is 15 years old. She was diagnosed with Autism when she was born. Parents are struggling and have never been able to provide a Christmas to the girls since most of it goes to food and bills. The mother was very sad because she could not afford to throw her daughter and proper sweet 15 party as most parents do. Her children are in need of clothes but any gift will do. She said just to make her children smile would be sufficient. Anna's dream is to one day go to Disney Land, but because of the expensive ticket prices, this will always be a dream.

We showed up at their home with gifts, clothes, school supplies and Disney Land ticket along with a voucher for food and gifts. Anna began to cry and hugged us with all her strength and wouldn't let go. The father watched from afar as he stood by the doorway and began to cry. This family was so excited, they made each and everyone of us fall apart after seeing their happiness. It was such a beautiful day!



Screen shot 2014-12-21 at 12.49.05 PM.png

This young single mom below wrote to us in desperate need of clothing her her 8 month year old son, milk bottle and toys.

We showed up with 2 boxes of clothes to last her for the next 17 months along with milk bottles, bibs and toys. The mom was very appreciative and a bit in shock to see us show up at her home. She said it was a dream come true.



Darling is 14 years old and straight A student. Her dream is to one day have a computer so she can do homework, research and become more efficient with her time and school work. She said it will make her life easier and get even better grades as most the day she spends walking to and from the library and can not go by herself since the neighborhood at times is not safe. She was hilarious in her letter when she stated she doesn't want it for facebook or twitter, but instead for something useful. She made a promise in her letter that if her dream were to come true, she would pick up all the litter in the street for now on or get involved in community service.

Well, we did surprise Darling with a few cool new clothes for school, school supplies and a brand new laptop. Since she did make a promise to want to do community service, we decided to take her up on it and have her become a future Hope Ambassador of our Adopt A Letter program. Be on the look out, you will be seeing her in more photos soon!

photo 1.JPG
photo 3.JPG

The Adopt A Letter deliveries above will be featured on a documentary this month on Pynk Celebrity hosted by Kimberly Moore along with actor Rodney Van Johnson (Raising Whitley on OWN) and actor Adrian Paul (Highlander). Many thanks to Yvonne Elmasri of Pynk Celebrity and Celebrity photographer Isaac Mathew White for their support along with all our Adopt A Letter supporters for bringing Christmas to children in Los Angeles!

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