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Dear Santa, My name is Susan I am a stay at home mom. I have been waiting all year to write this letter to you. I want a really good Christmas for me and boys because this year it has been really tough on us and we are barely getting by. I also found out last year that my 5yr old son Vincent has autism and has been going through behavioral changes. Roy would like a ball, Michael would love toy toolset to repair his toys, and Vincent a Freddy Faz Bear toy.

Susana (single mom) 3 boys

  • Mom is going through a hard time. Normally families like this, I bring them groceries, and will get some gifts for the kids since they are not asking for much. I am thinking $100 groceries, $60 for toys and some $40 in baby clothes for little Roy since she put his clothing size down. (Letter #0139F)
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