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Dear Santa... My husband does not make enough money and we can barely pay our rent and bills. I would like clothes for my daughters Brissa age 5 size 6 (SHOE 13), Adriana 7yrs size 8 (SHOE 4), Lisbeth 2YRS size 4 (SHOE 9). My youngest daughter would like an outfit from frozen and a doll from frozen for Lizbeth. It makes me sad that I can not get them what they ask for.

Jacqueline, single mom (#30216)

  • We actually visited this beautiful family before. This family really struggles and I know they are going through really tough times. Perhaps we can get them a gift certificate for $100 at payless and buy the girls some clothes at Ross for about $150.00. I have some extra dolls that came in ...I will give them to her.
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