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Dear Santa...

My name Iker I am 9 years old and my nephew name Angel 5 years old and I am a kid that likes to learn alot. My mom is sick and has cancer. I want to ask if you can help her get better. I wish you can bring me clothes.  My nephew would like a spiderman toy or whatever you can bring because he is a kid.  But my big wish is for my mom to get better. Days are hard because my dad passed away this year.


Clothing sizes are listed in the letter.

Iker 9 years old (Mom with cancer)

  • Please say a prayer for Iker and his mom. This letter broke my heart. Lets get him some clothes and some toys for his little nephew who lives with him. If you would like to give more, please adopt this letter and after make a gift donation of your choice. I appreciate your support.

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