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Dear Santa... my name is Erika Diaz and I have to kids. There names are Sergio 15yrs and Narayana 12yrs. This Christmas we will not make it as we are without work due to my recent surgical procedure at the hospital which led them into finding cancer in my chest. I am recently out of the hospital and because of my illness, I am not able to return to work. It is not possible for me to provide a christmas for my children and makes me very sad to see them go through this with me. Unfortunately we do not have enough for rent and bills and I will have to leave my home at the end of the month.

Erika mom w/cancer (#30217)

  • This is very sad. We hope she has family that she can live with. The best we can do for now is to take this family on a shopping spree. I say we give them $150 each x3 (total $450) We take both kids shopping for $300 and then give the mom $150 cash to buy food or use for what she needs. It's not much, but for these families.. it's a lot of money. We've done this before and have taken the families to Ross or Marshall's and each come out with 2 bags of clothes. We will knock on their door and take them shopping. If you would like to donate more, go to donate enter the amount and email so we know who it's for! Thank you!
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