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Dear Santa,  My name is Elena I live with my siblings, ages 9, 11 and 15. We were rescued from an abusive family 7 years ago and living with my new adopted mom and adopted sister who focus all their attention on us. I would like my siblings to get presents. Tony 9, a soccerball and avengers, Laura 14, an artset and a basketball and for me makeup brushes.  For my adopted sister an XL shirt and my mom. a median size sweater and flowers. I hope you can come visit us this year.

Elena and siblings - Family of 6

  • Elena and her siblings were abandoned and rescued by their new mom. The adopt a letter program heard about their story 7 years ago and were there to receive them at their new home with one of our adopt a letter moms who took them in. Due to Covid, the family has been going through challenging times and I would love someone to adopt their letter again this year and put a smile on their faces since mom won't be able to afford Christmas presents this year. Would love to also get a few nice sweaters for mom and their big sister who for all they do and providing a beautiful loving home for these children.

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