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Leo is desperately asking for an air conditioner or an air cooler for his 15 year old brother who is in the hospital and suffers from muscular dystrophy. He was recently rushed to the hospital as he was having trouble breathing. His room is extremely hot and the parents cannot afford to buy a system to cool his room. Brayan is pretty much paralyzed and cannot walk and uses a feeding tube to eat. Any help to help his brother would be greatly appreciated. 

Brayan, 15 years old

  • I searched Amazon for portable coolers for the home. They cost anywhere from $100 - $500. Maybe we can find something mid price range about $250.00 that will last them a while. I have visited this house before and think about this family often. There are currently 2 boys with muscular dystrophy living in this tiny 2 bedroom apartment with an older brother, mom and dad. They had no where to turn and reached out to us for help. Their financial condition is very bad.
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