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Letter in short:

Dear Santa, My name is Angel and I am 10 years and am cancer free for the last 5 year. My wish is to see my mom smile. She is always sad and would like to send her to her favorite store at Walmart to buy shoes, blankets for our new room. Mom does alot for us and even volunteers at our school and gives her time. I want her to feel like a queen one day.

From mom: This year we would like simple things like clothes, shoes, blankets to keep our home warm. My 2 other boys are 5 and 6 years old. They like Mickey and PJ mask, drawing set, and old laptop if you have one for my sons school.

Angel 10yrs, (Cancer survivor) & family

  • This is a large family mom, 3 boys, 1 is cancer free for the last 5 years this December. They also live with grandma and grandpa. She also stated the boys clothing size in the next letter.

    WE can spend a $100 on Angel and siblings on warm blankets for each, another $100 on war, clothes , sweaters and $100 on a couple toys and will pick out something for the mom.
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