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Dear Santa,

My name is Abram.  I would love to get a small slide where I can play inside during rainy days since me and my mom aren't able to go out . Me and my mom do so many activities together.  I know mommy woul love for me to have fun with a small slide since I love them everytime we go to the park. I know sometimes Santa isn't able to get me a slide, in that case would love mommy and daddy and I to enjoy a nice meal together, if im able to get food for us three that would make me even happier.

Abram 18 months

  • It looks like this family may be going through a hard time. Abram in 18 months old and has a sibling on the way. Mom would like to have a toy slide and a nice meal to enjoy together this holiday season. Perhaps I can pick up about $100 in groceries so they can cook up something nice this Christmas. I can probably find a slide for about $30-$40. I also have some baby clothes that were donated to me, so I can add that to their box as well. :)

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