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The Kimberly Moore Foundation


The Kimberly Moore Foundation is dedicated to creating a variety of programs that bring hope to children in need all over the world, helping those without a voice, empowering individuals and communities to change lives. Our objective is to fulfill the wishes of underprivileged children through an element of surprise.... a "WOW" moment whenever possible and include them in programs that aid in their emotional, intellectual and social development.

KMF was established to contain a variety of innovative and sustainable programs that deliver hope to those in need and silently crying for help:  Adopt A Letter, Keeping Harmony Alive, Hope Ambassador (Leadership program), When Opportunity Knocks and Guinea Bissau Advocacy.





The Kimberly Moore Foundation recognizes there are many children, due to financial struggles and lack of resources, who are never exposed to opportunities that allow them to see the hope and possibilities that exist in our world. Granting a dream can help change a child's outlook towards life for the better and can be seen in each of the kids we kept in touch with.

Kimberly Moore Foundation programs:

 Adopt A Letter program is dedicated to bringing hope and fulfilling the wishes of over 40,000 children and families located in highly impoverished areas. We started out answering letters to Santa addressed to the North Pole written by children who were desperately reaching out as a desperate cry for help. While most children were asking for toys, these children were asking Santa for food, blankets and even a bed to sleep on. The program now works year-round helping families in need of food, school supplies, laptops, caps and gowns for graduation, clothes, college admission tests, fund school field trips and more.

Keeping Harmony Alive is dedicated to saving music programs in schools which are slowly being eliminated due to state education budget cuts. KHA focuses on collecting instruments and funds to supply the appropriate tools and mentoring to keep the music programs alive. The program was inspired by a 16 year old girl named Grissel who was deeply impacted by the Adopt-A-Letter program after writing a letter to Santa and receiving the tools needed in order for her to continue her passion in music. When Grissel found out the music programs were about to terminate at month’s end, she immediately turned to Kimberly Moore for help. Within 2 weeks - and with the support of  donors and sponsors, KHA was able to secure enough instruments to sustain the program for the next 15 to 20 years.

When Opportunity Knocks program is an interactive/online charitable platform that is dedicated to helping the helpless and delivering hope to people around the world through an element of surprise.


When Opportunity Knocks- Education (TV Series) : The new series “When Opportunity Knocks” starts with the initial idea behind Adopt-A- Letter and takes it up a notch. While delivering gifts, as Kimberly met the children, she learned firsthand of their dreams and aspirations. However, she could readily see that coming from impoverished families, they lacked the training, equipment and opportunity to make their respective goals a reality. “When Opportunity Knocks” is the answer to that call! For more info visit:



Goodwill Ambassador of

Guinea Bissau to the U.S.

Republic of Guinea Bissau: This tiny west African country has reached out to Kimberly Moore to be their voice on a global stage. When appointed, Moore was granted full power of attorney to execute activities on behalf of the Presidential Office and interests of the state and afforded all relevant signatory powers to carry out duties sanctioned by the office. Moore plans to work closely with the First Lady playing a major role on the country’s development while combating various social problems in the country. 




Connecting our youths with positive role models.. Developing future leaders


The Kimberly Moore Foundation is very proud to announce its groundbreaking “Mentoring and Leadership” program has a proven 100% success rate of students who have graduated, got accepted into college and have joined our community outreach program as a Hope Ambassador. We offer mentoring and leadership programs for specific teenage recipients of our Adopt A Letter program and include them in programs that aid in their emotional, intellectual, and social development. The children we select are eager to learn and eager to make a difference in the world.


The programs will teach them problem solving skills, personal goal setting and leadership skills. Each child will get exposed to different cultural experiences at each gathering. KMF supporters can join the list to participate in our “Group Mentoring” program held monthly at an organized luncheon or day trip in California. For more info email us at:





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